Plastic Beehive



Plastic Beehive

The existing Beehives are made in Wood which is having less self life and easily    affected by termite, fungal, etc.

The proposed Beehive will be made in food grade plastic material to save the trees.

The proposed Beehive will be made in Injection molding process in suitable material.

Natural air circulation will be provided for avoiding the inner heat due to sunlight and to eliminate hydration issues.

The Beehives are moved to other places only at night time and in the proposed design it can be moved at any time.

The proposed Beehive will have locking arrangement for Lid, Super, Brood and Base.

The proposed Beehive will have isolation from the ground through water layer with auto filling arrangement to avoid the entry of ants, insects, lizards, etc.

The proposed Beehive will have feeding arrangement, from outside of the beehive particularly without opening the Beehive and with auto filling arrangement

The proposed Beehive will have minimum 20% high yield due to the consistency in dimensions, air circulation, isolation from insects and ants, water proof etc.





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