Economy Punch Cum Splitter

Economy Punch Cum Splitter is designed for easily make a hole in the tender coconut to drink water and Split in to two halves to eat the kernel.

It has a removable stand at the bottom with leveling screws.

On the top punching and splitting mechanism is placed. The punching mechanism contains a stainless steel tube with a profile at the end to pierce the tender coconut. To reduce the friction between tube inner and pierced tender coconut cork, tube entry diameter is reduced to some distance.  The piercing tube is moved up and down using a manually operated lever.

The punching mechanism has a locking device to hold the tender coconut when pulling the piercing tube from the tender coconut. The locking device has one fixed base in the middle and two sliders.  The stainless steel tube was fixed in the inner slider which was guided through two fixed plastic guides. The fixed base has a lengthy slot in both sides with many square teeth, for locking purpose.  The outer slider was freely sliding in the fixed base and has locking mechanism in both sides, which will be controlled by the inner slider. If the outer slider touches the tender coconut, the down movement of inner slider will release the locking mechanism which will lock the outer slider with the fixed base. After piercing the tender coconut, till the inner slider touches the outer slider, the outer slider will lock the tender coconut and after that it will be lifted along with the inner slider. Depending upon the size of the tender coconut, the outer slider will be locked to the near by square teeth in the fixed base.

 Two level height adjustable, tubular base is provided at center of the punching tube to place the tender coconut.

The splitting is done using a Stainless Steel Blade fitted with extended lever. The base of the splitting blade is placed at certain angle, to transfer the cutting load to the center of the frame. A stopper is provided perpendicular to the base frame to place the tender coconut in a balanced position. Two semi circular rods are fixed on both the sides of the base frame to improve the tender coconut seating and for cutting the scoop.

This will be an ideal machine for set up in the shops.

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