Tender Coconut Opener

Tender Coconut Opener


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The tender coconut opener is a handy tool designed to make a hole in top of the tender coconuts to drink the water.

It was made from a stainless steel tube which was molded with an ergonomically designed plastic handle.

The end of the stainless steel is having a cutting profile like a reversed saw tooth with sharp cutting edge along the periphery. In clockwise rotation, it will have smooth cutting edge which will cut the soft tender coconut fibers and not pull the fibers. In anticlockwise rotation, it will cut the hard shell like a sharp saw tooth.

The tender coconut opener is having a plastic moulded stem in the middle of the tube for push out the material inside the tube, after opening the Tender Coconut.

In the top end of the stem it has snap fit such that it will lock to safeguard the sharp cutting edge during accidental falling and avoid contact to the fingers. In the middle of the stem one more snap is provided to remove the stem for cleaning purpose.

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